Stand out
on shelf.

Vite-Vite delivers end-to-end services from concept direction to style guide development and mechanical delivery for all your packaging needs.

Working one-on-one with our partners and producers, marketers and sales representatives – we see each job as a new opportunity to delight.

Packaging Refresh: Cat in the Hat

In collaboration with both studio and the production house, Vite-Vite refreshed the packaging presence of the American Icon Cat in the Hat across multiple platforms, from catalogues and packaging to retail spaces.

Before & After

Introducing an eye-catching top banner and replacing generic backgrounds with rich scenes from the world of Dr. Seuss, Vite-Vite helped boost sales and revitalized consumer connections to the Cat in the Hat we all know and love.

Packaging Refresh: Pocoyo
Before & After

Inspired by the seamless environments in Pocoyo, Vite-Vite did away with borders and focused on the enigmatic high-energy of the cast to increase their presences in high-traffic retail environments.

Product Launches

For the launch of the nautical Octonauts, Mia and me and brave Mike the Knight, Vite-Vite established the long-term look and feel for both standard and speciality packaging, as well as each show’s overall in-store style. See our Retail projects for more.

Product Launch: Octonauts
Product Launch: Mia & Me
Product Launch: Mike the Knight
Speciality Packaging & Promotional Collateral

From start to finish, Vite-Vite concepts, executes and produces with help of in-house teams, creates line looks for multipacks, fold-out DVD booklets, puzzles, coloring books, and more when it comes to promotional collateral.

Fold-out DVD Booklet: WordWorld
Coloring Book: Yo! Gabba Gabba!
Multi-Pack Line Looks

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