Stand-out spaces.

True-to-brand consumer appeal and consistency is central to Vite-Vite’s ethos. Specializing in design for high traffic multi-brand retailers, Vite-Vite helps brands launch and immerse consumers in branded worlds.

Launch at Toys
Retail Launch: Octonauts

Vite-Vite developed the founding look and feel for Octonauts at retail. Maintaining a visual balance between the show, studio and retailer branding, Vite-Vite keeps Octonauts memorable.

Launch at Walmart
Retail: Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood

A cross category pull together with custom trays and a die-cut header for Target.

At Target
Introducing Tubs of Fun!

Vite-Vite introduced retailers to the Tub of Fun – an original and unique octagonal value bin design that greatly increases product placement with a low footprint. Distributors and studios took note of the sales success and the tub of fun has become a retail staple.

TRU - Seasonal Pallet
Costco - Assorted Pallet
Out of Department DVD Baskets

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